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The Concept

POSI-SLOPE is a factory pre-designed tapered roof insulation and drainage system. It is designed to add thermal insulation to the roof system while eliminating water ponding of new and existing roofs. (Minimizing standing water adds substantially to the longevity of a roof.)

The System 

POSI-SLOPE is a modular system manufactured from various insulation materials; the rectangular shaped modules are tapered smooth and true to permit full adhesion to roof insulation or other roof substrates. In addition, the POSI-SLOPE Enterprises system provides full value with factory mitred pieces and packaged for ease of installation.


Numerous sources of insulation Materials enable POSI-SLOPE ENTERPRISES to provide impartial advice and multiple solutions for any building design or roof assembly. POSI-SLOPE is compatible with virtually all types of roofing membranes including Single-Ply, Modified Bitumen and Built-Up Roofing. Available in common slopes of 1%, 1.5%, 2%, 4% plus an infinite range of slopes customized to satisfy most drainage or thermal requirements. POSI-SLOPE is a very cost-effective way to drain and insulate an existing roof, as well as complementing structural roof slope in new construction.

POSI-SLOPE Enterprises adapts to all roof conditions and budgets including full taper systems, correction in deck deflections, and complementary components such as backslope, crickets, and sumps.

With computerized drafting and estimation, POSI-SLOPE Enterprises can solve roof drainage and insulation problems via the Internet. R-value reports and budget prices are just as expediently included. For ease of installation POSI-SLOPE Enterprises provides a clear CAD shop drawing, colour-coded packaging by roof area and delineating all full or mitered panels. All Material is packaged by roof area and pallets are poly-bagged and labeled with corresponding colour coded packing information.

Full Tapered Systems

Perimeter Taper Systems

Backslope Taper Systems

Cricket Taper Systems

Drain Sumps

Torchable Cant Stripping

Deck Deflection Leveler

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